Ice Fishing 2003
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Catching The Fish
There is actually more to catching fish than just looking at the hole (see picture of ice hole previous page,) When the big one strikes, the fisherman springs into action diving into the hole with all he has to fight the reluctant fish and encourage him to the surface!!!
Sometimes teamwork during this phase of battle is most helpful!!!!
This activity usually attracts onlookers!!
They may look like friends now but a minute ago they were fighting each other!!! (the fish and Sharoot that is)
There just was no rest!!
This scene occurred at 2am!!
Those of you that have seen Lake Mille Lacs in the winter know that it is covered with villages of fish houses on ice. . . all supposedly clustered around hot fishing spots. Well, our house, rented from "Griz" was a mile from the closest neighbor!!!. Griz may not be very sociable, but he does know where the fish are!!! 
Fishermen are a hardy bunch, but sometimes they need additives to make it through the tough times.
Believe it or not, only one beer was consumed between all five Bumwads.
Probably a new record for a sanctioned event.
There was something for everybody!!
Taking a break from pulling in fish. . . 
allowed for the customary Bumwads 5 minute game
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