In the middle of February 2003, five Bumwad brothers ventured onto Lake Mille Lacs for some hard-core fishing. . . This isn't for everyone!!!
You've got to love it!!
This is what we stare at endlessly
$ 475   For Rental of Ice Fish House
$  60   For Hot Dog Dinner for Five
$535   For Overnight of Fishing
The Memories . . . Priceless!!!!!
The House
Ice Fishing 2003
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This is another perfect Bumwads' Lodge . . .we'll be back!!!
This fishing gig sure is hard. . . these Bumwads may look relaxed
. . . but, they are always poised and ready to jump!!!
There truly is nothing like sitting on a toilet seat that is minus 2 degrees to encourage you do your daily duty faster!!!
. . . Next!!!
This "modern" cabin on ice was only missing a few luxuries from home. It would have been nice to have at least one woman to do the cooking. . . but, we managed to do O.K..
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