It wouldn't be a BWCAW trip without at least some canoeing so that we could honestly say . . ."we went to the BWCAW!!!"
BWCAW 2005
September car camping/non-portage trip @ end of Sawbill Trail
Some of the wild life as seen from the campsite!
Take me to my Bumwads Home
Did we say we went in HEAVY?
Yes, we even brought the clubs!!

I guess we all know where that ball is going to go!!!
Might as well kiss it goodbye!!
It has come to this. . .
car camping with non-portage canoeing!!!

One advantage of car camping is that we can go in heavy.
And we go in HEAVY!!!

We brought: multiple coolers, stoves, barbeques, etc. etc. etc..

One great benefit for all of us was that our head chef had everything he needed!!!