A few Wads went ice fishing on Mille Lacs in January...there were the usual shenanigans!

Great turnout for Rocket’s annual poker night. Wonderful hors d’oeuvres by the man! However, times have changed. Most Wads had a spirited drink and then quickly moved on to water. Never would have happened like that years ago. We played the “Dog” as the first game. Almost always that has been the evening ending grand finale. Our former selves would be appalled at the change in the group, but it’s happening so slowly that no one even notices. One thing did stay the same... as usual, every game had to be explained to Funseeker, a slow learner with a poor memory! Some things never change!

Rocket Poker

Photo by Mags

Real Work

Bumwad JL (green helmet) met our former classmate MJoyce and his wife Cheryl in San Antonio, Texas at the SA Children’s Museum in March. The Joyces were observing the final installation of the interactive displays they designed. It is/was a major commission. Way to go class of 73!

2015 Events

  1. Mille Lacs Winter (left)

  2. Mille Lacs Summer (surrounding)

  3. Rocket Poker (middle)

  4. Real Work (lower)

  5. F’s Fall Fest (bottom)

Mags, proudly posing with his “closest to the pin” tee shot!

Click here to see the outcome, turn  your volume up.

Hazards at Izaty’s were everywhere!

To be a winner this year you had to hang onto your balls!

To lower your blood pressure... stare at these pictures and take long slow deep breaths.

It’s so hard to get two good shots in a row!!

Poker Photos by Mags

Can afford to sit this hand out

Explaining the ever-changing

game rules

Perplexed and/or pissed

Only one chip left...must be careful

Thinks he might have won... but not sure

Cast of the 2015 Fall Fest

This was the 15th Fall Fest hosted by S&M !!     Many thanks to the F’s !!

Little Debbie P

Start of the annual meeting

What to do with this crazy toaster? After fully vetting the issue, it was group consensus that it was time to pass it along to the originator. Good times!