2014 Events

  1. Golf & BBQ in August (top of this page)

  2. NYNY in September (mid-page)

  3. November Fall Fest (bottom of page)

We played the usual scramble style, this time with three teams of two Wads each. Team A got off to a good start but had a double bogey on several holes. They knew they were in trouble. Team B had a triple bogey on the first hole but started to settle down by the end of the front nine. They were smoke’n hot on the back nine... sunk a 50 foot putt, had five pars and a birdie. Team C was just plain consistent for the full 18... nothing higher than a single bogey, lots of pars, and a birdie. It was Team C’s day!

A few Wads couldn’t golf, but joined up later for the BBQ.

Had good attendance... probably a quorum if we had anything to vote upon!

Team B submitted this photo as proof of their tough luck on the front nine.

Bumwad JL, his sister, and M&M Geyer at the impactful 9/11 memorial in NYNY in late September

JL, M&M Geyer, M Joyce at a NYNY eatery.

Everyone is doing fantastically!


M Joyces’s 1984 submission to a competition for redoing Times Square. It was a feature exhibit at the Skyscraper Museum while JL was in town.

Way to go MJ... you make the class of 1973 proud!!

Fall Fest

In a well deserved break in protocol, the “Bumwad of the Year” award was presented to a Bumwadette!! Michele has been hosting the Fall Fest for umteen years! There are no photos nor any other documentation for the ceremony. Just know that this action is in alignment with our pledge to our wives as worded by RedGreen ....

I’m a man...

I can change...

if I have to...

I guess!

This year was the start of a new tradition, the awarding of a bottle of wine from the Bumwad’s Classico Collection as vintnered by our own Mr. Grant. He said he will supply a bottle every year going going forward from his cellar. This is a much better tradition than that old toaster!