2013 Events

  1. Bumwad Honored > Two Colleges of Fellows

  2. March Madness > Rocket Poker 

  3. Fortieth Anniversary > On Houseboat (see below)

  4. School of Architecture > Centennial

  5. Fall Fest > New Bumwad of the Year (see below)

Shipboard entertainment by our

2012-13 Bumwad of the Year!

To celebrate their 40th anniversary of graduating from the School of Architecture, 11 Bumwad brothers took a three day houseboat excursion on Birch Lake.

Looking back, that 40 years went by quickly. We’re told that the next 40 go by like greased lightening!!


Fall Fest Class of 2013

The Passing of the Bumwad

of the Year

Witnesses of the Passing

of the Bumwad

photos by Fisk