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School Years
All of the people pictures on this page are courtesy of the Haugen archive
Let me think...
I guess I don't know the answer to that one!!
Very few people can imitate a vacuum cleaner .... this is a dangerous stunt....do not try this at home!!!
The camera caught Zip at one of his very few serious moments ...
his thesis presentation...
wait a minute...
what's he doing with a cue stick?
Going for a good grade, Sharoot thought that having a beard like the professor might help!!
Just give me a little more time....
and I'll come up with a good answer for that very good question!!!
There must have been a reason why I did what I did!!!
And over here I located the....
wait a minute...
what do I have over here??
This is the "Clyde's Corner" banner we hung from the balcony at William's arena for evrey home game. We were probably his greatest fans.

Thanks to Grant for preserving the icon
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