You may be asking what is/are the Bumwads? Well, we are a group of now middle aged men that never really grew up. We went to the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota many years ago.

No two of us practice architecture in quite the same way. We are individuals! However, one thing in common is our continuing friendship through the years.
1995 Reunion
Unfortunately Grant isn't in it due to the fact that he took the photo and Fisk had to leave early.

In the beginning, as recollected by charter member Shawroot. . .
The Spring of '69 was the inception of the very first original
Bumwad's team of any kind at the U of M. It was an intramural track meet. By a failing and distorted memory, the oldest founding Wads and participants as follows:

"Sly" - Fully credited with the naming the team "Bumwads," running all the sprints the anchor leg of the 440 relay team, and nicknaming everyone else in the Wads.

"Flying James" - Discus - enough said.

"Raymoando" - Middle distance and relay team - Mr. steady

"Rocket" - Discus and the shot-put.

Tom Stewart as "Slidmore" - also called "Therman Bogess" due to the fact he was on the varsity U of M track team as a high jumper. He won the high jump and the triple jump B I G!!! Stewart was actually ineligible but the statute of limitations has now run out so we can tell what really happened!

"Da Rute" - ran all the middle distance races and took most of them, also a member of the 440 relay team.

"Shawroot" - Pole vault, long jump and relay team - yes, S, you are the weakest link!!!
(Editor comment Despite his humbleness, we all know him as the strongest link!)

These oh so humble Wads, the original seven, took on Rutz's Raiders, a St. Louis Park based Fraternity team of about 30, that infamous day, and lost by 2 points finishing second to Rutz's in the final 440 relay race with "Slidmore" finishing just barely behind Rutz's. He was totally pooped! Sly was bummed for about a minute, the maximum in his entire life, and then shouted out for all the Wads to hear . . . "Stubb and Herb's!!!"
This tale is now considered officially documented Wads folklore!

1  Does the word "bumwad" mean anything? You will not find the definition in Webster's. It is a roll of thin cheap usually yellow, sometimes white, translucent sketching paper. We adopted the name "Bumwads" for our Intramural sports teams.
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2  What do the Bumwads do?
Full group participation sports is the cornerstone of our group. Even though we are strong competitors, the fortunate thing is that none of us remembers the score of any event more than five minutes afterward...we all feel like winners.

3  Sounds like fun. How do I become one? If you have to ask, you probably can't. However, there have been many honorary members for special events/ there is still a possibility. Each is reviewed on a case by case basis.
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