Take me to my Bumwads Home
Q - Who would convert a spare bedroom into a woodshop?
A - It takes someone that loves to bring out the best in what wood has to offer rather than sleep!!!
A slice through the Grand Canyon
OOPS . . . the editor was supposed to paint hair on the top of his head!!!

What we have here is Lake of the Woods with what seems like a thousand teenie tiny islands. It probably drove him a little teenie tiny crazy!
Rocket's Woodshop
The routing table in the dust room.
The HEAVY press
for laminations
Rocket Man,
a Bumwad and longtime Master Woodworker,
has developed a technique to proudly display lakes and/or golf courses for disciminating patrons of the arts.
The process involves laminating super thin layers of walnut and birds-eye maple, both natural and pre-dyed. Then routing away anything that doesn't look like a lake or a golf course!
Rocket  specializes in custom orders.
There's not a lake or golf course he can't do!
Four Bumwad brothers visited Rocket in his booth at the Lake Home and Cabin Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center April 30, 2005.

When we decended upon him, other shoppers wondered what was going on there and also came into his booth. Crowds are drawn to crowds!
Luckily, he had good traffic even without us.

While Funseeker was negotiating with him for one of his custom works of art, it became apparent they were having some miscommunication when an exasperated Rocket shot back that "5% of the customers cause 95% of the problems!!!"
2005 Price List