Take me to my Bumwads Home
The Venue
The Grand Poobah of the Bumwads turned 90 years old in October 2004!!!
That called for a party BIGGER than the Bumwads alone.
Hundreds of former students from the classes of 1954 to 1984 came from near and far.
Even some Bumwad wannabees were there.
The party was held at the Main Club House.
The Grand Poobah of the Bumwads
The Grand Poobah surrounded by admirerers and well wishers from the class of 73.
Mike G / Chris S / RR / Marilyn G / Funseeker
When someone yelled out "Five minute game" the Grand Poobah whipped out his pencil and drew as much as he could in five minutes!!
It got to the point where we had to take the napkins away from him!
Marvelous Marv, left in both pictures, was the MC. He asked the Grand Poobah questions like:
What is your philosophy of transcendentalism applied to architectonical design of macro-oganisms?
If Funseeker could have been the MC we would now know answers to questions such as:
Are there side affects from taking viagra for extended periods of time?
St Nick with FS
You call that architecture? You wouldn't know great architecture if it came up and bit you!! You call this guy Funseeker? I beg to differ with you, I'm the original Funseeker!!!

<Once a critic, always a critic!!>
The editor apologizes for having an overload of pictures of Funseeker. . . he just kept popping up everywhere.
A lot of class from the class of 73!