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Missing a 12" putt can happen to the best of them!
Golf 2004
In September a good number of Bumwads got together for their annual golf day.
The weather conditions were outstanding . . .
the stage was set for some great golf. . .

A lot of shifty eyes at this table!
Let me see . . .B as in B and S as in S
O what beautiful ears you have!!!
It was such a nice dinner we almost said Grace  . . .maybe next year we will!
8:00 pm
Dream'g about that POWER drive off the 15th tee . .
with witnesses!!!
8:00 pm
Dream'g about that chip into the cup on the 6th hole . . .
with witnesses!!!
We know that each of these golfers can do better. . . the camera man just could't catch them at it!!
So, what you are about to witness may not be a pretty sight!
Turn up the volume on your computer to hear the click of the ball getting slapped,
plus some occasional commentary by the bystanders in these definitely for home movies!!.

To see Tommy V address the ball . . . but not mail it!

Every two weeks or so the movies will be replaced with the other Bumwads in action!!
Oct 2-16   Raymundo & Zip
Oct 16-30   Mr. Grant & The BIG Guy
Oct 30-Nov 13   Flying James & Mags
Nov 13 onward   Tommy V

Hopefully everyone can redeem themselves at the 2005 event!!!