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Built Work
This page is dedicated to those projects . . .
we've all had em at one time or another. . .
you know . . .
those special projects that actually get built!!!
A journey through Rocket's mum's photo album uncovered this early work by Sharratt and Raymond.

It's Rocket's original Renaissance booth circa 1976.

Notice the optical refinements
. . . no doubt inspired by the Parthenon.
The "Big Guy" Bumwad, designed and built this functional comfort station for the convenience of his guests on the island retreat  paradise he runs.
If two people are so moved, they can go in comfort at the same time!!
Unbeknownst to most Bumwads, this 1908 electric railroad repair building project in Spokane WA was designed by one of them!

Even though we are all feeling older now, everyone was surprised to learn that one of us is over a hundred years old and still working!!

Way to go JL!!