Take me to my BUMWADS Home
2012 Camp Ripley
Bumwad sharp shooters take one of their own hostage during war games.
Photo by Mags
Rocket  "gunning" for Bumwad of the year!
Beware of faulty eye sights.
The guns are real. . .
the soldiers are unreal.
During Highway Patrol training, one of  the Bumwads fell asleep at the wheel and was disqualified from further service.
While the camp's commandant adjutant Bumwad slept in his office, another absconded with an airplane.
Rocket, all prim and proper, letting out all stops in going for Bumwad of the year!
The pot and plot thicken!
This just might be the largest pot in Bumwad history!
(but is unverifiable)
The face on the left asks, how could three of a kind lose?
Fortunately, our day of golf proved that everyone can still swing a club!
Photo by Mags