2011 Rocket Poker
Rocket hosted what might become an annual event. . . poker during March Madness.
He treated all of us to fabulous hors d'oeuvres that he made especially for us.

With the world changing so fast that the only constant is change, BUMWADS' poker is a refreshing break!!
There is some comfort in knowing that some things remain the same year to year. . .

Fisk  & Funseeker suffer from poker alzheimer's.
They forget every game rule they learned from the previous year's poker event!
Same thing every year for about 40 years running . . must be approaching some record for memory loss!

The others know "their" poker rules, but argue amongst themselves nearly every hand regarding interpretation of their "official" rules."
It has been decided in BUMWADS' rules of etiquette that the dealer is always right, whether he is or not. . . it's a gentlemens' game.
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