2010 Potpourri
2010 saw the youngest Bumwad reach the ripe age of 60.
Now, we are all ripe . . . and some riper than others!!
Our prodigal Bumwad

It was so great for us to get a message from our prodigal Bumwad this year. He said . . .
"I'm alive and well,
living 75% of the time in San Diego in a loft, 15% on the road in hotels and the other 10% in the house in Tucson."

We've been very concerned about him. Now we are so relieved  that his time living does in fact add up to 100% !!!
Ever wonder what Howard Stern looks like without his wig?

Well wonder no more.

He looks like a Bumwad!!
A new low point.
One of our Bumwad brothers has established a new low point for us. . .
that a Bumwad becomes the half-time entertainment at the pig races!!
On the bright side, our Bumwad and his  Bumwadette take home the top prize for stuffing a red suit beyond normal human capacity!!
Their prize?
A package of bacon.
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