Take me to my Bumwads Home
It was a cool April day

. . . a good evening to have a roof.

. . . many of us appreciate the extra protection.
The Bumwads were Boofs for a day
Even though coach Gardy was coming to the mound to check on our man, Boof, the Bumads were all relaxed.

Gardy did the right thing, he comforted Boof with a reassuring pat on the butt, and left him in the game.

It was the right thing to do. Boof's mixed pitches left the White Sox confused and in the dust. . . . at least for that one evening in April.

The Bumwads take some credit for the win. We knew Boof knew we were there for him. . . and he came through for us!!

Some might say we've been Boofs for longer than day!!