Take me to my Bumwads Home
Bumwads do Bemidji
via Turtle Lake
Retreat Center
In mid August 2008 we gathered at the
Ring Retreat Center on (in) Turtle Lake
Access to the Ring Retreat Center is via water taxi . . . the driver is very accommodating to special needs and has multiple vehicluar options!!
For the convenience of the guests, the Ring Retreat Center installed a brand new comfort station that can accommodate two people with special needs at once!
Even with all the convenience, we caught one Bumwad that couldn't make it to the comfort station in time!!!
Every shot in Bumwads croquet requires the ultimate in concentrational abilities.
When the lie gets tough the tough have to  improve their lie.
A new Bumwad's sport was added this year for the more docile.
We played scramble style (ie best ball) golf. Team B is pictured here in a big rut. And, you know what. They were in a big rut the entire day. That lie, in the big sandy hole, is the best ball of all four of those nameless individuals, each with head down. It was not a good day for Team B.
Golf stories worth documenting for posterity:
Golf ball philosophy #1
Fisk assumes that he will lose one and a half balls per hole. Multiplying that times 18 holes equals 27 balls per round. Multiply that times two days equals 54 balls. Knowingly, he brings many cases/cartons of balls to readily pop in a new one when needed to keep the game moving along seamlessly!!! On the bright side he always is playing a new ball.
Golf ball philosophy #2
RR on the other hand also assumes he will lose one and a half balls per hole. But, his philosophy is "lose one find one." Sometimes the game would be put on hold until he could find one to keep the ball count in balance.
The foursome behind him was irritated, but it didn't bother RR, because it was only Team B. On the bright side he didn't lose balls while putting.
The best shot of the two days was Funseeker's 250 yard 3-wood drive to within 4 feet of the pin on the seventh hole of the Castle Highlands Golf Course!!! His team, Team A, got an eagle on that par four!!! When asked how he did it, he was overheard saying that his tall lanky muscular frame contributes to his athletic abilities.
. . . Even the blind pig gets a kernel of corn now and then!