Take me to my Bumwads Home
11:12 am Team
About all that can be said for this team is that they showed up on time!!
Golf Day 2007
11:21 am Team
This team kicked butt,
unfortunately, it was usually their own!!
Captain of the Twin Screw!!
<boat that is>
This boat is wider than my dining room, quipped one of the Wads as the wake from such a large object moving 40 miles per hour made other boaters keep their distance!! 
A basic tenet in playing poker,
don't let anyone see your pupils when you look at your cards. Most Wads are good at this, some of us just can't keep a secret, even with our eyes!!!
The glory of victory and the agony of defeat!!
. . .at least temporarily!
At the end of the day,
or in this case, the early morning,
someone has to be the winner.
In this case it was the host that was the big winner!!
We are all happy for him!!